Saturday afternoon at blogospherecafe

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With @Lippie143 and @Yulanda_Sabrina


Recently I had a pleasure attending Blogosphere café organised by Blogosphere Magazine . My only blogging friend (Till now) – Mr. Salt & Pepper (@Skirmy) suggested we go and meet some other bloggers and the magazine team.

The event took place in beautiful Lumiere gallery in south London- which should be quite easy to find unless you let @skirmy show you the way. Oh and did I mention, we thought we were late so he was walking super fast and I was trying to catch up in my high heel boots (my poor feet…).

We got to the venue and realised we were 20 minutes early- all that running for nothing?!? I am not going to lie, but before the event, I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect; what format will the event be, if people going to be nice and friendly- after all I only have 3 blog posts on this new blog…I was relieved when lovely Blogosphere team greeted us with a glass of Prosecco and wide smiles, it was really nice to see friendly and welcoming faces.

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I was finishing my glass of prosecco and my first doughnut (OMG Crosstown doughnuts where have you been all my life, honestly best doughnuts I have ever had!) when more bloggers started arriving. It was nice to see how sociable and easy-going everyone was and it didn’t matter if they were full-time bloggers and business owners or bloggers like me, who just started this journey. I couldn’t believe the variety of people I met, from people working in the TV industry to GPs.

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Crosstown Doughnuts– definitely the best doughnuts I ever had.

While I really enjoyed meeting new people, I feel like the event also helped @Skirmy and I bond even more. It was nice to be passionate about the same thing and be thrown into the unknown together(I think we were both a bit nervous about our first blogger event). Oh and he reminded me( and everyone else in the event) how we met. I haven’t even thought about it, but we met on a Lithuanian version of youtube about 10 years ago. He was quite famous on there and I was stalking him for a couple of weeks before I build the courage to comment on one of his videos( he does not know this, but he was my first social media crush) and he responded almost immediately- we were friends since.

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Overall, I have enjoyed #blogerscafe a lot and was surprised how many nice, friendly and interesting people I’ve met. There were also few brand representatives there, but I made a mistake of not having my card- never thought bloggers needed a card( giggles), but I will make sure I have them ready for the next event.


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After 5 minutes, it felt like we knew each other for years! @Skirmy, @Lippie43 and @Yulanda_Sabrina

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  1. Hi Dear,

    This is such a nice post, I wonder who took these amazing photos? 😉 Yesterday was AMAZING, thanks so much for coming along. I don’t think I’d have the courage to go by myself. We are 💯 going to the next one! Get ready babe x


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Rubyte

      Who else would take such amazing pictures, but you? They all turned out so pretty! Thank you! It was a very interesting experience, I am definetly going to the next one, as long as its not on my wedding day 🙂 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There should be on in June x


  2. This is such a nice photo! Was lovely to meet you on Saturday! Look forward to seeing you at the next Blogosphere event 🙂 XxX


  3. Your right these photos are beautiful (well done to your friend Skirmy). It really captures the moment!. The blogging community is a special one where most people become friends and in return support each others progress (I so didn’t want to use the word journey lol). Happy blogging Laura : ) xoxo


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