#4weeks4kg Challenge Accepted

It’s almost my birthday and that means it’s almost skirts, shorts, crop tops and dresses season. Well at least technically…I have been lucky enough not to have to show my newly gained muffin top yet as it was super cold this spring in UK. However, the time will come soon and I need to do something about it , oh and i am getting married this summer so it will probably going to be the most important summer in my life and I can not spend it baggy clothes trying to hide orange peel looking bum and love handles sticking out of my jeans. 4weeks4kg challenge is my way to kick start my weightloss, eating 1200 cal a day and avoiding fast food, sugary drinks and treats.
In the past few months I have been eating everything, and when I say everything I am not kidding … last week I had: chrisp, scake, icecream, crisps, chocolate, alcohol… It is not easy to jump into 1200 calorie limitation after this disastrous meal plan I found myself finishing almost all of daily my calorie allowance in the middle of the day, banana for dinner!?!


  • Brown Toast with butter and peanut butter and banana (350 cal)
  • Coffee with skimmed milk and sugar (120 cal)


  • Falafel wrap from the market stall next to work (~600cal)
  • Coffee with skimmed milk and no sugar (40 cal)


  • Banana (90cal)