#4weeks4kg 2 weeks in update

It has been 2 weeks since I started my #4weeks4kg challenge and I am not going to lie- I did not follow the one and only rule of the plan – consume only 1200 cal a day. I am naturally a fatty- I love food, all kindof food and a lot of food. Fitting in 1200 calories a day was a huge struggle specially as I had to celebrate my fiancés birthday, my birthday, my fiancés mums birthday and starting my own company- yes , all this only in 2 weeks. After week 1 I was meant to do a weight in, but was too upset with myself and just skipped it. Knowing that I probably gained weight and haven’t lost any made me think if I should just give up on it, but during my second week of the challenge I was much more active than usual. Several small jogs a day with my little puppy-Brody, loads of walking , playing and finally sleeping a bit longer. No more 5am puppy alarm. This Morning I knew I had to do it… I did step on the scales and was pleasantly surprised to see -1.8 kg, so not the intended 2, but pretty close. I have decided to adjust my plan a little too loose leftover 2.2kg in the next 2 weeks. As it was so hard for me to eat so little I have decided to allow myself to eat extra calories as long as exercise it out. From tomorrow I will be logging my food intake and exercise and posting on my blog by the end of the day to keep me motivated till my next weight in in 2 weeks.

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